Product Realization

Transition from prototype to production – Our team has worked with several Custom Manufacturing Services (CMS) companies both in the US and internationally, and, if desired, can arrange introductions and meetings with those vendors. In addition, we are more than happy to work with a customer’s pre-selected CMS to help ease the transition from design to manufacturing.

Industry Compliance Testing Management – Compliance testing ranges widely depending on the industry and specific requirements of individual products. Our involvement with actual compliance testing will be quoted on a case-by-case basis since often we are only responsible for a portion of the system design and the testing is required for the full system. We are always able to provide engineering support during testing or in trouble-shooting test results.

Shipping Package Design – We work with local specialists to design packaging and boxes appropriate to the product and target market. This can include re-usable or recyclable containers.

Customer Documentation Development – Using technical writers, we can help the customer develop user documentation as well as installation guides, etc.