Program Management

Project Schedule Development – For system-level development projects, many of the tasks that must be performed are interdependent or must run in parallel. At the start of a project, a detailed project schedule is developed to track all major tasks associated with the project development. This allows Level 3 Systems and our customers to keep up with the project schedule. The schedule will be kept up to date tracking the progress and changes to the schedule.

Milestone Tracking – Level 3 Systems utilizes a milestone based tracking system to ensure the project is staying on schedule. We also utilize a milestone based billing system.

Team Development and Coordination – Level 3 Systems will pull together the necessary resources to complete the design team. Our account managers and/or development engineers can coordinate the design activities between our internal resources and any external resources that might be necessary, depending on the scope of the project.

Development Partner Interface – Level 3 Systems has many service available within our organization. For other tasks, we have developed a strategic network of industry-recognized specialists that we have worked with in the past. The interface to these external resources is intended to remain completely transparent to our customers.