Product Planning

The most important part of any project is the initial planning stage. Specifying the list of features while keeping the target customer in mind determines the optimal components and methods to yield a finished product that meets the expectations of both the manufacturer and the customer.

Concept Development – We can bring together an experienced team of engineers, combined with industry specialists, manufacturing representatives and other resources to brain-storm rough ideas, “flesh out” rough concepts, and make suggestions for features, packaging methods, audience appeal, etc. to help define a product that has the optimal market appeal while minimizing the time-to-market for the development time.

System Architecture and Design Partitioning – The technical planning of a product helps to identify areas of potential risk and to define items that need to be researched more fully, through proof-of-concept efforts, experiments, or consultation. As the major building blocks of a system are determined, the detailed documentation and design can be started.

Design Requirements Documentation and System Design Specification Development – As the feature list and major building blocks are identified; we can help capture those features and performance requirements in a working document aimed at assisting the development process. The design requirements list can then be further developed into a design specification used in planning out the complete development effort.